Full list of skin GVPs

Information obtained from the following manuscript:

Borja, T., Karim, N., Goecker, Z., Salemi, M., Phinney, B., Naeem, M., Rice, R. and Parker, G., 2019. Proteomic Genotyping of Fingermark Donors with Genetically Variant Peptides. Forensic Science International: Genetics.

Skin GVPs


Dr. Glendon Parker has a patent based on the use of genetically variant peptides for human identification (US 8,877,455 B2, Australian Patent 2011229918, Canadian Patent CA 2794248, and European Patent EP11759843.3). The patent is owned by Parker Proteomics LLC. Protein-Based Identification Technologies LLC (PBIT) has an exclusive license to develop the intellectual property and is co-owned by Utah Valley University and GJP. This ownership of PBIT and associated intellectual property does not alter policies on sharing data and materials. These financial conflicts of interest are administered by the Research Integrity and Compliance Office, Office of Research at the University of California, Davis to ensure compliance with University of California Policy.