Trevor Borja


Position Title
Forensic Science

  • Masters

As a student of the Forensic Graduate Program at University of California, Davis, I gathered interest in the application of proteomics to forensic science. In collaboration with others, and with support from the Department of Environmental Toxicology, I focused on identifying, characterizing, and validating genetically variant peptides of the epidermal corneocyte proteome. The goal was to eventually use these biomarkers to identify the source of a fingerprint by inferring genotype. Before UC Davis, I earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO. I left my hometown of San Jose, CA for both school and an opportunity to continue playing hockey. Today, I am a pet owner of a schnauzer named Louie and intend to graduate in Spring 2019. I have aspirations of working in a crime lab, but also plan on applying similar research methods to bones.